Water Availability Letter

Upon receipt of a written request from an Applicant/Property Owner accompanied by payment of appropriate fees, the CTWA will provide a “Water Service Availability Letter” as required by the Township pursuant to review and approval procedures for Subdivisions and/or Land Development.

For Simple Subdivisions, the Water Service Availability Letter will either acknowledge the presence of a water main abutting the property or will indicate that service is available in the vicinity and a line extension for service will be required.

For Other Subdivisions and/or Land Developments, the Water Service Availability Letter will acknowledge the presence of water service in the Township, will advise that a specific evaluation of the water requirements and residual pressure that may be available at the closest point of connection is undetermined. Copies of the CTWA current Tap In Fee Schedule; Capital Fees Policy; Rules, Regulations, and Rates; and standard Developers Packet can be provided upon request.

Water Service Availability Letters will NOT address water flow rates, volumes, and residual pressure available at a specific point of connection. If requested in writing by the Applicant/Property Owner, the CTWA can provide this information, subject to reimbursement by the Applicant/Property Owner of engineering costs incurred in making such analysis.