Staff & Board of Directors

2020 Board Members

William DiCioccio, Sr. – Chairman
Stevan Drobac, Jr. – Vice Chairman
Danny D. Santia, Jr. – Treasurer
Carol A. Lancos – Secretary
Ronald Amadio, Sr. – Assistant Sec/Treas


Attorney Ronald J. DiGiorno


Lennon, Smith, Souleret Engineering, Inc.


Fabian O’Connor, CPA

CTWA Operational Supervisor

Bill DiCioccio, Jr.

Business Office Personnel

Verna Dugan Sisk – Chief Clerk
Sheila Legge – Sr. Clerk
Vicki Dugan – Sr. Clerk
Piera Masciantonio – Jr. Clerk
Lorraine Johns – Jr. Clerk

Maintenance Office Personnel

Andria Coble – Sr. Clerk

Plant Operators

Steve Gulla
John Elias
Andy Lancos

Gary Specht – Part Time Plant Operator

CTWA Maintenance Personnel

Billy Battisti – Foreman
Anthony Barone – Assistant Foreman

Howard Hughes
Roddy Taddeo
Chris Bakertges
John “Max” DelRusso

Randy Stewart – Part Time Meter Reader

NOTE: All employees carry a Photo Identification Card issued by the Center Township Water Authority. If you have any questions or concerns regarding an employee, please contact the Center Township Water Authority during business hours at (724) 774-7960 or (724) 774-7766. After business hours, you may contact the Center Township Police Department at (724) 775-0880 or contact 911.