Common Complaints and Their Solutions

Below are a few common complaints and their solutions.

Discolored Water Run your COLD water only for 15 to 30 minutes. If it does not clear, call us for assistance.
Gone for an Extended Time Call the office at 724-774-7960 to have your water shut off. Be sure to turn off the inside meter valve. We will turn the water back on at your request. Please note someone must be in the home for water service to be turned back on. There is a fee for each procedure.
Leak in House Use the shut-off valve normally located near the water meter. Now is the time to locate the valve(s) so that you will know where they are in an emergency.
Water Bubbling Up in the Lawn Call us. We will shut the supply off so that you or your plumber can make the necessary repairs. The service line on the customer’s property is the customer’s responsibility.
Low Pressure Make sure no one closed the valves located near the fixture or near the water meter. If pressure is low only at the one fixture and you cannot determine the problem, call a plumber. If the problem is throughout the house, call us.
Fluoride The Authority does not add fluoride to the water.