Termination of Services

CTWA Termination of Service

Service may be discontinued by CTWA for any of the following reasons. Applicable turn-off and turn-on fees will apply.

  • Non-payment of a billing for water service or sewer service.
  • Misrepresentation in application as to property or fixtures to be supplied or use to be made of the water supply.
  • Use of water for any other property or purpose other than that described in the application.
  • Willful waste of water through improper or imperfect pipes, fixtures, meters or otherwise.
  • Failure to protect and maintain in good order the meter connection, lines or fixtures.
  • Willfully damaging any service pipe, meter, seal, curb stop (outside shut-off valve) or any other appliance of the Authority controlling or regulating the water supply.
  • In case of vacancy of premises.
  • In case the Authority is unable to secure a meter reading as provided by the Authority’s resolutions.
  • Violation of any lawful Rule of the Authority.
  • Use of any unauthorized cross connection or interconnection.

If your water has been turned off for non-payment and you want to reinstate service, please call 724 774-7960.