Tap Fees

The CTWA Residential Tap Fee is calculated in accordance with Pennsylvania Act 57 and is comprised of the following:

The Connection Fee

The Connection Fee consists of the cost of installing the service line between the main waterline and the property line, up to and including the curb box. The Connection Fee includes all material, labor (including fringe benefits and overhead) and equipment. This applies to single family residential units only.  All other services must be installed by the Applicant/Property Owner at their expense in accordance with the technical requirements and Rules and Regulations of the CTWA.

The Customer Facilities Fee

The Customer Facilities Fee consists of the cost of furnishing and installing a General Service Water meter.  Should a Fire Service Meter be required, CTWA will provide the fire service meter at the cost of the Applicant/Owner.

The Tapping Fee

The Tapping Fee/Comprised of Five (5) Parts

  • The Capacity Part is a charge by CTWA for furnishing, pumping, treating, storing and distributing the estimated water used by a Customer on the maximum usage day of the year.
  • The Distribution Part represents the cost of facilities which directly benefit (serve) certain portions of the system, that is, water mains, pumping stations, fire hydrants, etc.
  • The Special Purpose Part represents the cost of facilities applicable only to a particular group of customers, or serving a particular purpose and/or specific area such as Booster Pump Stations, Fire Service, Pressure Reducing Stations, etc.
  • The Reimbursement Component is applicable only in instances when a property owner or Developer pays for construction of a public water line extension. CTWA shall pro­vide, in accordance with Act 57 computation methodology, partial reimbursement to the property owner or Developer when service lines are directly connected the extension from outside of the development for which it was constructed to serve within ten (10) years of dedication.
    • Reimbursement shall be equal to the Distribution Part of each tapping fee collected as a result of subsequent connections. CTWA shall deduct 5% as an administrative charge.
    • A reimbursement agreement is required to specify all water facilities for which reimbursement shall be provided.
    • The total reimbursement shall not exceed the total costs to the person/Developer paying for the line extension, less the amount which would be chargeable to such property owner or developer based upon the CTWA collection tapping fees which would have been otherwise applicable to the property owner or developer, had he not paid for such extension.
  • The Future Facilities Component is the fee determined by the Engineer for facilities that are required to upgrade the system to maintain an appropriate level of service and which are actively planned for implementation as allowed by Pennsylvania Act 57.

A summary of the Residential Tap Fee is detailed below:

Connection Fee $1,330.00
Customer Facilities Fee $390.00

Tapping Fee

Capacity Part

Distribution Part




Total $3,220.00